1PS Digital Styling


When you are seen in public - either for a date, a management meeting or presenting an online course, it is important that you look and feel confident in what you are wearing.

Pre-shoot styling advice for a photoshoot for your website or other marketing.

No matter where you are, I can provide a personal styling service via video link to ensure you can be confident in looking your best prior to any important event.

I can be just the other end of your smartphone/tablet or desktop to do a visual style check-in so you won't destroy your reputation with a badly chosen outfit.

One-to-One Personal Styling

Quick Style check-in up to 30 minutes

Clothing and accessory advice and styling

Background room checks for digital marketers

Choose from a 1- Off 30-minute session or book me as your regular personal stylist on a retainer for 1 month or longer. 
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