Jules and Robert


Their paths crossed during a significant time of change and progress in the lives of these two successful entrepreneurs. Their instant attraction for one another could well be based on their joint love of raw, earthy and more organic processes to create a life and personal style.

Jules had developed and run two successful independent boutiques in Southwest London and Bath over a 20 year period, styling her loyal customers and their homes. Creating spaces which would be the backdrop for the product became the natural progression to begin styling interiors.

With 13 consecutive On-Schedule LFW (London Fashion Week) shows behind him Robert Cary-Williams went on to become a lecturer and practising Fine Artist exhibiting at numerous galleries. Robert gives talks at Fashion Universities around the world and his paintings, which are created with his industrial sewing machine and less obvious mediums, reflect his own personal taste and style.

The couple became inseparable and married in 2016 where Robert created the stunning wedding dress for his bride.

Working closely and harmoniously, they realised that they would be a more dynamic force if they combined their energies and creativity in business.

In addition to their separate projects and consultancy services they work on projects together layering their talents and skills through processes which benefit from their conjoined abilities.

When you enter the world of Mr&Mrs Cary-Williams you become aware that there is a very distinctive style. Firstly you notice the delicate but strong, natural colour palette. At second glance, the artworks become more visible.

The journey through their environment is like reading various chapters in a book. There may be a jacket or a pile of cashmere throws which reflects one of Roberts neighbouring artworks. A piece of vintage furniture that has been given a modern twist sitting alongside a more contemporary piece.

This subconscious formula would be repeated throughout the space, concluding in another room with two explosive paintings grounded by a vintage hand-dyed rug.

Robert Cary-Williams

Fashion MA & BA CSM


Since 1998, when he first founded his design and fashion business, Robert Cary-Williams has been consistently recognised as one of the UK's most challenging and innovative designers.


A graduate of Central Saint Martin's School of Art & Design in London, Cary-Williams has always been a determinedly bold experimenter, playing with the contradictions and the limits of fabric. His work has all the delicate beauty of vintage couture, but with military and temporal influences drawn from his agricultural roots and early working life in the army. The result is a body of work that oozes intelligence and attitude.


Key pieces from his collections have garnered a cult following over the years, most notably his "Shotgun" T-Shirts series, with some of his designs now residing in the collections of London's Victoria & Albert Museum and New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.


His work on the vanguard of cutting-edge design, coupled with his technical expertise, has led to successful collaborations with labels such as Burberry, with whom Cary-Williams worked as a consultant when the brand was seeking to create a new and edgier look for itself.

In additional to the collections produced under the Mr&Mrs Cary-Williams Label, Robert continues to lecture in fashion design at various Art Academies and remains on the pulse of fashion as a consultant with many high end design companies.

  • Alice in Wonderland

Currently exhibited at MoMA New York, 

Robert Cary-Williams' hand-painted 'Alice in Wonderland' dress created from a single parachute and transformed into this stunning piece for 

The Wapping Project, London.

Jules Cary-Williams

Life - Styling

The route to owning her first shop was one which Northerner Jules made via Jacob Kramer College of Fashion in Leeds, Yorkshire (now Leeds Arts University). 

With a sound background in design, textiles, and garment technology, her career developed in the fields of buying, merchandising, quality control 

and later product development. 

In 1996 Jules opened her first shop in South West London at a time when small boutiques were just finding their niche. With her strong sense of style combined with her warm, friendly Northern nature, Jules won over the hearts and wardrobes of the locals before going on to make her style boutique a stunning destination store

 for customers all over London and the South. 




Leaving the world of high street retail was a decision based on a need to slow things down to a pace that allows for life in addition to work. 

Although the business no longer has a retail outlet, a passion for both personal and interior styling which works with your life rather than you becoming a slave to trends are what Jules still holds dear.

The business is evolving at a pace which allows the flexibility for the couple to experiment with more gallery stores, art fairs, consultancy and lecturing which

 keep the duo constantly involved in new and developing ideas.


To discuss projects or to make an appointment: https://www.mrandmrscary-williams.com/contact-us

Robert Cary-Williams



With 13 On-Schedule LFW (London Fashion Week) fashion shows behind him Robert Cary-Williams went on to become a practising Fine Artist creating paintings from techniques garnered from his experience within the fashion industry but taking them to a new level by stitching into his canvas, layering with unorthodox mediums and continuing to experiment and push the boundaries to breaking point.

Always setting new creative challenges for his work, Robert manipulates and creates with his industrial sewing machine to form the base for many of his paintings. These are then layered and reworked until the level of colour and form become the vision of the artist.