PerSonaL StyLing and WardroBe ManAGEment

Hi, I'm Jules.......

Over 20 years of working closely with clients has given me the opportunity to help others with their confidence and style. It is always so rewarding to see someone transform into a more confident person by simply giving consideration and time to their image.

Personal Styling

I have always maintained that getting older, having babies and not necessarily having the 'perfect' figure should not stand in the way of any woman's ability to be stylish. With my understanding of colour, proportion and fit, together with how different shapes and fabrics react on the body, I have clients who return time after time for my guidance and advice, but most of all - for my honesty! I'm not going to let you be misguided into spending your hard-earned money on clothing that doesn't earn its keep in your wardrobe by doing anything other than making you look and feel your absolute best.

You don't need to be rich or famous to work with me.  All you need is the desire to improve the way you dress and organise your clothes and then the rest is up to me! With my help, you will save money on ill-thought out, spontaneous purchases . You won't waste your valuable time trying to find what you don't even know if you have in your wardrobe.

Improving your outer image will allow you to GROW your INNER CONFIDENCE, to shine as the person you REALLY are!

Attention to detail, subtle accessorising and a focus on helping you express your individual style are part of the personal styling process. 

Wardrobe Editing

Just you - or your wardrobe too?

Wardrobe editing and showing you how to get the most out of your own clothing in your own home not only helps both parties get to know one another, but it really is the starting point for becoming more aware of your personal style. I can then ascertain how much is needed to invest on key pieces that will ultimately make your style choices and your life easier.  

During the process of editing we will discuss your body shape, colours and style while creating outfit ideas for you to easily put together.

I will suggest helpful and visually pleasing storage ideas for organising the space where you house your clothing and accessory collection. 

A few hours together will transform your approach to choosing what to wear, whether for every day or for an important date/meeting as you will be armed with helpful tools and a newly found confidence.

We CAN do this TOGETHER!!

Online Digital Styling

 Having helped many people regain control of their style and/or wardrobe via video calls and simple step by step coaching, I can assure you that you don't need to let location be another block to getting started.

What better way to feel confident than to have your own personal stylist do a final check before you go to an important meeting or present a live video?

You might be planning on having professional photographs taken for your business or personal. I can take you through a pre-shoot styling session to make decisions on what to wear, saving time and money with the photographer who just needs to focus on some great shots. 
In addition to meeting and shopping with you, I am able to help via video link as we connect digitally where I can see you and give you live, face-to-face advice. We can talk through what you want to wear for an event or business meeting, or a hot date!

In just 30 minutes, you can feel confident with your image. I can tweak your outfit, suggest a few things that you might have missed and you're ready to go.

My role is to make sure you look amazing so that you can get out there with confidence.