Avonlea Our HoMe

Living on the edge of the beautiful city of Bath with the light Bath stone and lush countryside as a backdrop, 

the decor and furnishings create a perfect balance.

Our Victorian home set out over five floors allows us the space and height from each room to 

create many different and evolving scenes.

124 LRW Kitchen Black walls and Mona Lisa

Kitchen and Dining

Deliciously dark and dramatic.

Painting the dining room this amazing flat black on walls, doors and cornices allowed for a totally different stage to be set in our kitchen and dining area. Set on the lower ground floor with lots of natural light flooding in from huge windows and french doors overlooking the garden and fields beyond, we could afford to take the plunge without it feeling at all gloomy.

124 LRW vintage unit & clock
124 LRW Dining room Customised chair and art
124 LRW Dining Black walls and dresser
124 LRW Master Bedroom Vintage trolley and linen
124 LRW Master Bedroom Vintage trunks and linen
124 LRW bathroom Dark grey floor with huge stone tub

Bathing and flushing

Our top floor hosts the family bathroom, but to be honest it's more of an indulgent relaxation room for girls! My son grabs a quick shower (now and then!) and my daughter would live in the bath tub if she could stay in constant hot water without wrinkling her lovely teenage skin. 

124 LRW washroom Wire racks and Astier